Cutting Processes



Plasma arc cutting

Plasma Arc cutting requires an electrical current as well as an inert gas. To initiate the cut, the worker must create and electric arc between the electrode on the torch and the intended material. Once done, a trigger is pulled to allow the inert gas to flow and push through the heated source, resulting in a cut. One this is done the worker is able to cut in any direction needed, as long as the electrical arc is kept. Some material we work with here at Rachke Piping can be very hard and requires a Plasma Arc to cut the material.



cutting pipe with oxy/fuel torch

The most popular means of cutting steel is the use of an Oxy/Fuel type set up.  The set-up includes an Oxygen tank, Fuel (acetylene, map gas, butane, etc.) tank, rubber hoses, and a torch where flow of the gasses are controlled and mixed.   

This process consists of Oxygen and the fuel combined to make a neutral flame used to preheat the material.  Once the metal is brought to its kindling point, a trigger is pulled on the torch to “boost” the oxygen pressure, which in turn will blow the molten metal away, creating the starting point of the cut.  From there on out, the worker may move the torch in any direction to create the intended cut.  

We, as a company, use this process a lot in order to keep with efficiency.  Oxy/Fuel cutting allows us to not only cut pipe to exact dimensions quickly, but allows us to bevel our pipe at the same time.  Allowing us to move quicker and get jobs done efficiently by eliminating, safely, steps in the process of pipe fabrication.