High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic Fusion


Here at Rachke Piping we try to stay up to date on the latest materials and training techniques.  We have noticed over the years that HDPE has become a very popular product used in our industry.  Rachke Piping has been dedicated to training our personnel and staying up to date on the latest products, processes, and procedures.  We have our own procedures for single wall butt fusion, dual wall butt fusion, and hydrostatic testing of HDPE.  Our procedures have been approved by our nuclear clients and have been used Ato install thousands of feet of HDPE in the nuclear industry.


RPM Employee Training:

  • Isco Single and Dual Wall Certification

  • Isco Extrusion Weld Training

  • Isco Data Logger Training

  • Bushnell Inc. Socket Weld Certification for HDPE and PVDF (Kynar)

  • Rachke Piping Single and Dual Wall Certification

We have extensive experience installing HDPE single and dual wall piping, as well as, socket weld fusion of HDPE and Kynar. Please let us know if you need additional projects or references


General Superintendent Joe Vellenga Training:

  • McElroy training at University of Michigan

  • Training included:

  • Single wall butt fusion

  • Saddle Fusion

  • Electrofusion

  • Saddle electrofusion

  • Socket fusion

  • Data logger

  • Inspection criteria

  • Destructive testing

  • Bend test

  • High tensile test

  • United Association Training

  • Training included

  • Single wall 4″ Butt Fusion

  • Single wall 8″ Butt Fusion

  • United Association Instructor Training

  • Training included:

  • Instructor Training for butt weld fusion

  • Isco Training

  • Training included:

  • 24″ SDR 7 butt fusion training for Kendall Energy Project

  • Electrofusion training for Kendall Energy Project

  • Consolidated Power Training

  • Training included:

  • Double wall butt fusion training for 4″ x 2″ dual containment project at Flint Hills Resources

  • Certifications and Qualifications

  • United Association Certification PF 1

  • United Association Certification PF 2

  • Local 597 Butt Fusion Instructor